HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards 2021: Shortlist Announced

16 November | Clothworkers Hall, London
HFM EU Emerging Manager Awards 2021: Shortlist Announced

The HFM EuroHedge Emerging Manager Awards are one of the most influential hedge fund awards in the annual calendar, with the best performing smaller and recently launched funds all vying for industry wide recognition and celebration.

The event’s unique, performance-based evaluation metrics mean that winning an award is a critical success factor for funds seeking to attract investment and key staff.

After a year of virtual events and remote working, we know that the industry is looking forward to meeting face-to-face with peers and friends across the sector once again and we are pleased to announce that the awards will be in-person on 16 November at Clothworkers Hall, London.

For more information visit https://www.hfmeuemergingawards.com/home.

To book your table, please contact:


Cameron Murphy

E: c.murphy@hfm.global
T: +44 020 7832 6639

Shortlist 2021


Blackbird Alpha Spread 1x - Blackbird Asset Management
Polar Star Spectrum Fund Limited - Polar Star Management SEZC
Salus Alpha Commodity Arbitrage Strategy (CAXUSD) - Salus Alpha Capital Ltd
The World Carbon Fund - Carbon Cap Management LLP
Westbeck Energy Opportunity Fund (Class B1) - Westbeck Capital Management LLP

Credit: Over $100m

Alegra ABS I (Euro) Fund - Alegra Capital
BK Opportunities Fund IV LP Class C - Oristan Ireland Limited
First Geneva Global High Yield Fund - First Geneva Capital Partners
Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund A1I - Robus Capital Management Limited
Sphereinvest Global Credit Strategies (UCITS) Fund - USD - SphereInvest Group

Credit: Under $100m

Alegra ABS Two (Euro) Fund - Alegra Capital
Gladwyne Fund Limited – USD - Gladwyne Investments
Ironshield Credit Fund - USD Institutional Class A Shares (UCITS) - MontLake Management Limited
MFM Mirante European Credit Opportunities Fund - EUR (UCITS) - Mirante Fund Management

CTA: Over $100m

Echiquier QME Global M - La Financière de l'Echiquier
Key Trends 20 Composite - KeyQuant
Superfund Green Silver SICAV - Superfund Asset Management GmbH
The Mulvaney Global Markets Fund, Ltd. - Mulvaney Capital Management Limited
Tulip Trend Fund - E JPY - Progressive Capital Partners Ltd

CTA: Under $100m

Bantleon Diversified Markets L - Bantleon Bank AG
Episteme Systematic Quest TR (ESQTR) Composite - Episteme Capital
FTC Futures Fund Classic - B USD - FTC Capital GmbH
Leibniz Systematic Intelligence - 30 Vol - Leibniz Group LLC
Volt Diversified Alpha Fund - Class I USD - Volt Capital Management AB
Wimmer Horizon - Wimmer Horizon LLP

Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies 

Andra Absolute Return Fund - Andra Asset Management
Aphilion Specialised Investment Fund Long Short -
JL Equity Market Neutral Fund (UCITS) - John Locke Investments
KLP Alfa Global Energi - KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS
Lutetia Activist Leaders Class I (UCITS) – USD - Lutetia Capital
Soprarno Relative Value - B (UCITS) - Soprarno SGR

European Equity: Over $100m

Alcur Select - Alcur Fonder AB
EnPa Swiss Top Picks Fund - Entrepreneur Partners AG
Maga Smaller Companies Fund - USD (UCITS) - Otus Capital Management
Northglen Aggressive Fund SP - Slater Investments Limited
PriorNilsson Idea - Prior & Nilsson Fond och Kapitalförvaltning AB
RAM Equity Long / Short (UCITS) IC (SEK) - RAM Rational Asset Management AB
Taiga Fund Class A – NOK - Taiga Fund Management AS
Tiger Fund - Tiger Value Fund (FCP-SIF) - Class B - Tiger Asset Management AG

European Equity: Under $100m

Carlsson Noren Yield Opportunity - Carlsson Noren Asset Management AB
Edale Europe Absolute Fund – EUR - Edale Capital LLP
Helium Rising Stars Fund Limited – GBP - Albis Asset Management Ltd
Istanbul Portfoy Second Hedge Fund (IIS) - Istanbul Portfoy Yonetimi A.S.
LBV Primus Fund Limited - LBV Asset Management LLP
Pareto Nordic Omega B NOK - Pareto Asset Management AS
Pascal Investment Partners LP - Pascal Investment Advisers S.A.
Sefton Place Fund - Sefton Place Advisors
Symmetry Invest A/S - Symmetry Invest A/S


Abrax Merger Arbitrage Segregated Portfolio Class C - City Financial Investment Company Ltd
Accendo Capital - Class BX - Accendo Capital Managers
Alta Global Investments Master - Altera Capital
Astaris Special Situations Master Fund - Astaris Capital Management</>
Bantleon Event Driven Equities - Bantleon Bank 
Castellain Value Fund (UCITS) - Castellain Capital LLP
Ironshield Special Situations Fund Liquid Strategy USD - Ironshield Capital Management LLP
Lutetia Patrimoine Class F (UCITS) – USD - Lutetia Capital

Fixed Income: Over $100m

ANTEO Fixed Income Relative Value and Opportunities Fund - EUR Class (UCITS) - Valeur Capital Ltd
Borea Hoyrente - Borea Asset Management, LLC
Promeritum Fund SPC - Class A - Promeritum Investment Management LLP
Swan Bond Enhanced SICAV - Sif - Swan Asset Management SA

Fixed Income: Under $100m

A3E EM High Yield Fund - USD - A3E Capital SICAV plc
Altana Corporate Bond Fund Class A EUR (UCITS) - Altana Wealth
Fondo Finint Bond Class A - Finint Investment SGR
Istanbul Portfoy Aries Hedge Fund (IIP) - Istanbul Portfoy Yonetimi A.S.
PvB Alegra CLO Fund A (USD) - Alegra Capital
Solidum Event Linked Securities Fund Limited - SAC Fund 3 - USD Class I-1 - Solidum Partners AG

Global Equity: Over $100m

Ananda (ALTO L) - Ananda Asset Management
Hadron Healthcare and Consumer Special Opportunities Fund, Share Class USD A - Hadron Capital Cayman Limited
Inflection Point Investments - EUR  - Inflection Point Investment
Lancelot Camelot Fund - Lancelot Asset Management
Optis Global Opportunities Fund - Optis Capital (Pty) Ltd
RoboCap UCITS Fund - Sturgeon Ventures LLP
Sissener Canopus (UCITS) - Sissener AS

Global Equity: Under $100m

Crescit - Crescit Asset Management AB
Mistral Value Fund - EUR-P (UCITS) - OSIRIS Asset Management
Oceanic Hedge Fund - Tufton Oceanic Ltd
Proxy Renewable Long/Short Energy SEK A - Proxy P Management AB
Sigma Fund - Quality Stocks (UCITS) - Sigma Fund SICAV
The Quotidian Fund PPC PLC - Growth Fund - Quotidian Investments LLP


Arenafunds Global Macro - Hinder Asset Management AG
Salus Alpha Directional Markets Strategy (DMXUSD) - Salus Alpha Capital Ltd
Salus Alpha Global Alpha Strategy (GAXUSD) - Salus Alpha Capital Ltd
Shikuma Fund - Shikuma Capital


Alpi Multi - Strategy (UCITS) - Alicanto Capital Sgr S.p.A.
Atlant Opportunity (UCITS)  - Atlant Fonder AB
GFED Aequitas (UCITS) - Quadriga Asset Managers
Hadron Alpha Select Fund (UCITS) - EUR - Hadron Capital LLP
Metage Global Strategies - Metage Capital


Ion Israel Fund Ltd - Ion Asset Management
Lemvi Crypto AMC - Lemvi S.A.
Nickel Digital Asset Arbitrage SP - Institutional - Nickel Digital Asset Management
OAKS Emerging and Frontier Opportunities Fund (UCITS) EUR Class A - Fiera Capital
STORM Bond Fund (UCITS) - STORM Capital Management Ltd
SwissRex Crypto Fund - Serco Management Ltd
Worldwide Opportunity Fund Class A - Terra Partners Asset Management


Astaris Special Situations Master Fund - Astaris Capital Management
Ironshield Credit Fund - USD Institutional Class A Shares (UCITS) - MontLake Management Limited
Lemvi Crypto AMC - Lemvi S.A.
SCIO European Secured Credit Fund III - Class GBP - SCIO Capital LLP