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Effecta Compliance Limited was established in the UK to assist financial services firms with their regulatory obligations. Our purpose is to ensure that your compliance requirements are managed with confidence and pragmatism and that any work we undertake for you is “effective” and relevant to your specific business needs. We are a team of experienced consultants, entirely solutions focused, to provide a truly tailored compliance consultancy service.

We know when financial services firms are provided with generic advice or templates which is at best unhelpful, wasting valuable time and money to work through and, at worst, exposes a business to audit, regulatory failings and findings for not being an accurate reflection of a firms actual and intended operation. We are driven by truly getting to know you and your business and its requirements before providing advice or any other compliance support services to ensure we meet our promise to give you workable solutions.

Effecta are aware of the pressures placed on Senior Management, Compliance Officers and MLROs in navigating today’s increasingly complex regulatory and compliance challenges. Our consultants and our core support team will assist to ease these demands and allow your business to focus on its commercial and strategic aims. We want our consultants to be an extension of your team, there to support you meet your compliance obligations and provide a valuable insight into what industry standards and best practices are developing to ensure you are not left behind the regulatory curve.

Effecta provides compliance consultancy services to start-ups, emerging and established firms requiring retained and ad-hoc compliance support and project management services both in the UK and internationally, with specific Middle East expertise.

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