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MD, State Street

Vanessa Molloy

Partner , Harneys Luxembourg

C3 Post Trade

C3 Post Trade

Exceptional Efficiency. Simplified Control.<br> </br>C3 Post Trade is your all-in-one exceptions solution –all in one place, all the time, in all locations. A multi-service, modular platform that reduces risk and increases efficiency.<br> </br>Once you’ve captured trades into your books and records system, our four-part solution sets you up for success:<br> </br>We Match: Manage and resolve all trade matching exceptions from one single point.<br> </br>We Rec: Take care of all reconciliation activity, all in one place, on demand, every day.<br> </br>We Track: Clear up trade lifecycle problems to manage operational risk efficiently and cost-effectively.<br> </br>We Comply: Reduce risk with built-in regulatory reporting and workflow driven control.<br> </br>Looking for post trade peace of mind? Connect with us to discuss how we can support you.<br> connect@c3posttrade.com www.c3posttrade.com
Tora Carlsen

Head of Marketing and Investor Relations, CDAM

William Mirrer

Senior Director, SS&S

Alexander Luca Toelg

Founder, Hedge Fund VogelToelg

Rory Credland

Head of Event Content, Pageant

Craig Harris

Managing Director, Charles Square

Nikita Fadeev

PM, Fasanara Capital

Rob Galione

COO, Acer Tree Investment Management

Duncan Mackay

Executive Search Consultant, Sartre Group

Kelvin Lee

COO, Nezu Asia Capital Management Limited

Charles Thiede

CEO and Co-Founder, Zapnito Ltd.

My background is in technology, professional services and digital media. I co-founded Zapnito due to a number of related observations from my time in these sectors: 1) the social web is creating a huge amount of noise 2) expertise that brands have built up over decades is being drowned out and hidden from those that need it 3) these brands are therefore losing their audience to often undeserving and unhelpful sources, and 4) people are finding it harder to access the expertise that they truly value. I therefore decided to create Zapnito, a white-label platform to help trusted brands reclaim their audiences via expert-driven knowledge networks.
Patrick Ma

Sales, Enfusion

Claire Wight

Marketing Executive, Mapels Group

Boura Tomlinson Cann

Global Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Polar Capital

Nic Wu

Responsible Office, EAM Investment Advisors Ltd

Mike MacMillan

MD, Head of Software & Data, Third Point

Alex Broughton

Sales Director, Pageant

Michelle Mcgurk

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, Strobus Capital

Michelle McGurk, CPA is the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance and co-founder of Strobus Capital LLC, an opportunistic discretionary global macro investment advisor founded by Sihan Shu, former partner and Managing Director at Paulson. She joined Strobus in 2017 prior to the funds launch and manages all non-investment areas of the business as it relates to operations, accounting, legal and regulatory compliance, and investor relations. Prior to joining Strobus, Michelle worked at Metacapital Management L.P., a fixed income manager specialized in the mortgage & structured credit markets. Prior to that, she was the Assistant Controller at Protégé Partners, LLC, an asset management firm focused on investments in emerging managers and smaller established hedge funds across a variety of strategies. Michelle began her career at Ernst & Young where she spent more than three years providing audit & advisory services to various asset management clients. She graduated with distinction from Pennsylvania State University Park and earned a B.S. in Accounting with a Finance focus, and Minor in International Business. She is a NYS licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).