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Our rooms host content from HFM events and are categorised by relevant themes and job functions. Get access to event content by going to our rooms or on-demand channel.

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Our Rooms have changed!

The session recordings from our HFM events are available to watch and have been newly categorised into various rooms, based on job functions and themes, rather than the event. These include Operations, Technology, Legal and compliance, Capital Raising and Investment, ESG, Diversity and Inclusion, and Quant. Making it easier to find insights and discussions from our virtual events based on your interests.

You can also join discussions and message other members of the room who you may have similar interests with!

Click on Menu > Rooms > Select room

In the Room, you can see more information about the topics that were covered in discussion. You can view all the content on the Activity page, which is what you will see first when you enter the room.

You can also click on the Content heading to have the choice to filter the content by Videos, Posts or Documents.

Videos will often be recordings from the event and posts are usually from the HFM team posting the award winners or key takeaways.

Rooms are also an opportunity to have conversations about the event. You can start a conversation by clicking the green 'Start conversation' button at the top of the room page.

 Starting a conversation?

  • Put forward a question to the room
  • Share an opinion
  • Share relevant links from around the web
  • Start a discussion about a pertinent topic

If you click the Conversations heading, you can also view the current conversations and take part!

If you click on the Members heading, you can view other users that are also in the room or have contributed, and click to see their profile. On their profile you can directly message them via the platform or follow them.

You can also access content from our events by going to Menu > HFM On-Demand

This will lead you to the on-demand content available to all from a range of our HFM events – including exclusive panel discussions, presentations and interviews.


To view Rooms click here.

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