Achieving Transparency in ESG Reporting – Obligations and Challenges Faced

With Intelligence ESG Symposium | 28 April 2022

As the investor demand for ESG continues to grow, this panel discussion will bring together fund managers to discuss how best to demonstrate commitments to ESG when speaking with investors.  

  • Investor relations – the growing demand for ESG in Europe and across the globe, and how to demonstrate commitments to stakeholders. 
  • Setting industry standards – what are the FCA’s priorities surrounding ESG and how can fund managers prepare for this?  
  • The role of frameworks in guiding fund managers – what is needed, what is required?  
  • The influence of SFDR in Europe – will the U.S follow suit?


  • Sandra Crowl, Stewardship Director, Carmignac
  • Lennart Hermans, Head of Research, Osmosis IM
  • Will Keuper, VP, Product, Verity
  • Daniella Woolf, ESG Consultant, Danesmead ESG Limited
  • Marianne Gros, Reporter, With Intelligence - Moderator

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