Automation 2.0: Getting ahead with technology

Arcesium’s Chris Barrow, Head of Business Development for Europe, discusses getting ahead with post-pandemic disruptive technology.

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Discussion points: 

  • What would say are the biggest challenges or lessons learnt in the way hedge fund managers have adopted and adapted to virtual working environments over the past year?
  • As a technology firm, would you say that technology usage has changed for the better over the past year? What would you say funds should be doing now to stay ahead of the curve with new developments in technology?
  • How would you suggest managers approach these reviews? Is there a specific time or frequency they should carry these out? And what kind of details should they be looking for in these reviews?

Chris Barrow, Head of Buisness Development for Europe at Arcesium has a discussion with Stephanie Taylor, Head of content at HFM

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