Green Finance: The Dos, the Don’ts, and the policies to note

With Intelligence ESG Symposium | 28 April 2022

When the idea of sustainable investing first emerged it was seen as a ‘niche’ investment strategy that was not aimed at turning profit, but rather allowed ethically motivated investors to divest from the most unsustainable companies, while also supporting companies who actively engage in environmental and social good.

Nowadays, sustainable investing is increasingly understood as the financially and ethically superior option, with a company’s carbon footprint acting as the main metric under consideration. Over the past several years the climate crisis has taken centre stage globally in addition to global supply chain disruptions and shortages in technical expertise. In response, industry leaders are redefining best practices and turning these crises into opportunities for growth.

The built environment sector has a unique role to play in the ESG landscape. Construction firms, property managers, and real estate investors are turning their attention to ESG reporting and benchmarking to demonstrate their value and attract new investments. But the plethora of existing frameworks and initiatives around ESG can generate confusion and misdirect these efforts. So, what should organisations be doing so they can accurately describe themselves as financially green?

Discussion points:

  • Efficiently navigating the pit falls of ESG such as green washing and looking at the correct alternatives
  • ESG transparency in Europe and North America: why is transparency so key?
  • SFDR & Taxonomy alignment: how regulatory requirements are boosting transparency efforts in Europe and beyond and what challenges that brings along 
  • The SEC’s recent disclosure proposal: what does it mean and what can we lessons learn from years of mandatory carbon disclosure in Europe.


  • Sarah Welton, Director, US Business Growth, Longevity Partners - Moderator
  • Agathe Kuhn, Senior Policy Consultant, Longevity Partners
  • Abigail Dean, Global Head of Strategic Insights, Nuveen Real Estate
  • Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan, VP - Head of Environmental Social & Governance Group, CIM Group

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