How Can Fund Managers Leverage Data to Improve ESG Practices?

With Intelligence ESG Symposium | 28 April 2022

As the demand for ESG data continues to increase, this panel discussion how explore how fund managers: 

  • The role of data analytics and AI in improving research and engagement.
  • Data acquisition – the growth of data sets and how to benchmark service providers.
  • Data for improved portfolio management – how can fund managers use data to improve the ESG performance of portfolio companies?
  • How can alternative data sets be used to better understand the impact of ESG on portfolios?
  • Data applications for business - how can data management platforms help support internal ESG initiatives?  


  • Ken Read, CRO, BipSync
  • Adam Lewicki, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Quantitative Strategies, Carlson Capital
  • Megan Herzl, Senior Content Manager, With Intelligence - Moderator

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