Video: Capital Raising & Operational Due Diligence

HFM Billion Dollar Club Summit 2021 | 23 June

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In light of the new age of working, capital raising is proving to be even more challenging than ever before with ODD at its core. This panel will take a look at how adopting the best practice operational infrastructure will be better in the long run.

  • Are allocator pipelines drying up in a virtual environment? 
  • What to expect from investors moving forward – will virtual fundraising events continue?
  • How should managers interact with investors in a hybrid work environment? 
  • Will the ODD process remain changed post-covid?
  • Are you having to be more flexible with management fees in the current environment?


Clint Coghill, CEO, Backstop Solutions

Rian Akey, Global Head of Operational Due Diligence and Monitoring, Retirement and Investment, Aon

Anusha Rodriguez, Managing Director, Head of OAM Research and Due Diligence, Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.

Micheal Ardisson, COO & Head of Business Development, Medalist Partners

Mike Patarakis, Investment Editor, HFM - Moderator


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