Video: Mindful Stress Management at Work

HFM Together - Supporting World Mental Health Day | October 7, 2021 Bringing hedge fund leaders together to learn about effective strategies to support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

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Wil Hesketh from Founded Wellness hosted a short and practical workshop about managing stress at work. This session will:

  • Give you an understanding of the nervous system and our responses to stress, anxiety and pressure. 
  • Explore practical and holistic tools for supporting yourself through these responses at work
  • Help you find inspiration on how you can work more mindfully and with more ease using mindfulness practices, movement and breath work

This is a practical, desk-based session. No experience or equipment is needed. The benefits of the session are stress and tension relief, health inspiration, understanding the nervous system and learning holistic tools for future use.

Read our round-up from the other session at HFM Together: Supporting World Mental Health Day. 

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